CeMC® Program

The CeMC® Program is a post graduate-level certification program that combines a broad-based curriculum of Internet Marketing principles with professional conduct requirements. It is designed to prepare you for a wide range of Internet Marketing specialties that apply in every market all over the world.


To earn a CeMC® charter, you must complete the CeMC® education program that is aligned with the IMSB Common Body of Knowledge. Once you have completed the education requirement, you need to pass the competency assessment and meet the working experience and ethical requirements.


The CeMC® designation is the gold standard of professional excellence in internet marketing. Completing the CeMC® Program puts you among the best in Internet Marketing professionals, confirming your mastery of the profession, and your commitment to the challenge of meeting the high standards of certification.


The CeMC® Program follows the broad Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) developed and continuously updated by active practitioners of IMSB to ensure that certification holders possess knowledge grounded in the real world of today’s Internet Marketing industry.