Jennie Amato

At her center and heart, Jennie is first and foremost an online business woman. A succcesful web entrepreneur since 1996, Jennie has owned and operated over 150 different web businesses, selling both instant download digital products and ‘on-consignment’ physical products, generating millions of dollars of sales for more than a decade – a formidable record by comparision to many others who offer education, tools and systems for web success.

Jennie originally founded the Academy in the midst of a very successful public speaking career, having been over-run by people wanting to start a business on the internet as quickly, easily and cheaply as possible and replicate the great success she has created in her portfolio of web businesses. Listening also to these people, she began addressing the issue of inconsistency and variance in education about running a web business and services provided for setting up and operating web businesses. Out of this, she has developed the Academy’s unique, original and powerful 32 Point Criteria for building a credible, compliant and converting web site.

She has also conceived, developed and delivered original, unique, powerful and most importantly replicatable systems for web success to help thousands of entrepreneurs, marketers, webmasters, newbies and first time business owners create their own web success. Her education programs that accompany the web businesses sold by the Academy include: “Winning Web Business”, “Ultimate Lifestyle Business”, MAPS for Web Success and the current program called the “AAA Web Success” Pack (Activate, Automate, Accelerate your web success).

Accomplished on many more web development levels than just web business coaching, Jennie is also Director of Auto Web Business – a complete and integrated shopping cart, auto-responder, affiliate manager and product/order management software system. She also concevied, developed and now provides the web business owners marketplace with the unique, original and powerful “Web Success Wizard” site management software, making it possible for web business owners to never need a webmaster again.

In addition, she heads up a mentoring program for web business owners, based on the Law of Success 16 Lessons by Napoleon Hill