Why Join IMSB?

Today's global economy and business demand innovative marketing strategies in the Internet. This is the reason why IMSB global membership continues to expand - IMSB is the leading organization for Internet marketing professionals worldwide. Here are the reasons why you should become member of IMSB:


1. Industry Representation
IMSB represents the collective voice of the Internet Marketing professionals and consultants who work inside and outside of organizations.


2. Access to Information, Tools and Networking
Wherever you are and whenever you need it, IMSB is your non-stop resource for information and relationships worldwide.


3. International Community
With network of membership from around the world, IMSB has the most extensive community of Internet Marketing professionals.


4. Career Management
You own your career, and IMSB can guide your career development with resources to help you locate that next opportunity.


5. Information Sharing
Let IMSB help you apply the latest Internet Marketing practices to help you remain competitive in today's fast-paced, global environment.


6. Lifelong Learning
Keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date by leveraging IMSB's flexible array of professional development offerings.


7. Productive Partnerships
IMSB partners with organizations worldwide to advance the profession and create unique offerings for IMSB members.


8. Research Leadership
IMSB continues to build and improve the body of knowledge identifying the best practices to give IMSB members the competitive edge.


9. Worldwide Reach
IMSB expanding network of members worldwide has something valuable to offer wherever you are in the world.


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