William Perttula

Dr. William Perttula currently teaches Internet Marketing at San Francisco State University.

He has taught executive MBA courses in Seoul Korea in 2005 and 2006 for the Helsinki School of Economics. In the summers of 2007 and 2008 he taught a 3 week class in Internet Marketing for the Aarhus School of Business in Aarhus, Denmark. He also taught Global Marketing for the ASB in summer 2008.

For several years he has been following the development of the Internet and online teaching practices. He taught an online marketing research course in April-June 1999 for U.C. Berkeley Extension. He helped develop a MSBA in Electronic Commerce for the College of Business in 1999. The MSBA and MBA Emphasis in Electronic Commerce began formally in fall 2000.

For ten years he taught a short marketing course at the University of Paris XII in Creteil, France, 4 miles southeast of Paris. This campus of the University of Paris is active in creating educational links to universities in many countries. Many French students are eager to learn about American business and business techniques, especially the e-commerce aspects.

Dr Perttula graduated from Williams College, B.A. in 1968 and University of California, Berkeley, M.B.A. in 1973. He took up graduate studies at London School of Economics in 1973 and at Golden Gate University for his doctorate in 1981 Dr. Perttula began teaching at SFSU in 1975 with an introductory marketing class, a marketing research class, and a NEXA class on world hunger. He became full time in the Business School in 1983, and over the years he has taught marketing research, introductory marketing, sales management, small business marketing, and marketing management at the undergraduate level. He also taught the marketing seminar, Internet Marketing and E-Commerce Marketing Strategy in MBA programs.