About IMSB

Internet Marketing Standards Board


The Internet Marketing Standards Board (IMSB) is the global standard setting board for Internet Marketing that manages, develops, and operates certification, education and related programs for providers so that they may benefit the global community by establishing, upholding, and promoting worldwide professional standards in Internet Marketing. The IMSB's commitment to excellence is represented by the marks of professional distinction – Certified eMarketing Consultant (CeMC®).

IMSB works hand-in-hand with its members to develop and promote rigorous international competency, ethics, and practice standards for CeMC® professionals to ensure that consumers looking for qualified Internet Marketing consultants understand the value of the CeMC® certification.

The needs of business for Internet Marketing guide the IMSB's activities. We are committed to working with our member network to establish relationships with regulators, consumer advocates, educators, employers, trade associations, and other standards-setting bodies so that Internet Marketing can emerge as a distinct globally-recognized profession that will benefit the global community.