CeMC® Overview

The Internet is central to many consumers’ lives and companies marketing efforts. Growth in users, increased online shopping, and expanded advertising all support this conclusion. Customers are better informed, production information spreads more quickly and in less traditional ways, natural market boundaries break down, and new opportunities emerge. Marketing is being changed by these new capabilities and challenges. Because of this, marketers find themselves confronted with job requirements that weren’t part of their training and expertise. The tension between the threats and opportunities in the market today makes Internet Marketing one of the most interesting and creative aspects of modern business. Marketing executives need a program that certifies professional competency. It is important to recognize Internet Marketers who have met high standards of experience, knowledge and ethical conduct as is done in other professions. The CeMC® program fulfills this need.

The Certified eMarketing Consultant (CeMC®) is the first and only certification program that provides the advanced professional training, support, and credentials you need to become an Internet Marketing expert. This dynamic certification program covers all facets of Internet Marketing, harnessing mainly the power of Social Media Marketing. Awarded by the Internet Marketing Standards Board based in Australia, the CeMC® designation is globally accredited and recognized by universities and colleges, as well as professional bodies, around the world.