Certification Process

Education Requirement for CeMC® Certification

Education is a fundamental requirement in achieving the CeMC® Certification. The IMSB's CeMC® certification education requirement ensures that CeMC® professionals are familiar with broad knowledge, principles, and theories needed to prepare for the professional practice of Internet Marketing consultancy.

The IMSB's education requirement includes initial and continuing education. While continuing education helps CeMC® professionals remain current with the competent practice of Internet Marketing consultancy, initial education provides candidates with sound academic grounding in the subject areas that comprise the discipline of Internet Marketing.

CeMC® professionals must complete courses of specific topics in Internet Marketing, at the upper division undergraduate or master's degree level (or its equivalent). Topics are typically in areas such as Internet Marketing Framework, E-mail Marketing, Web Page Marketing, Social Media Marketing or Online Retailing.


Examination Requirement for CeMC® Certification

The CeMC® Certification Examination is designed to protect the public by assessing the ability of a candidate for CeMC® certification to apply his or her knowledge, skills, and abilities to real-life Internet Marketing situations. A candidate for certification can take the CeMC® Certification Examination by submitting the Internet-based Business Plan or Internet Based-Marketing Consulting Project paper after having successfully completed the CeMC® program.

By passing the CeMC
® Certification assessment, an individual demonstrates to the public that he or she has the ability to competently practice Internet Marketing consultancy without supervision. The CeMC® Certification Examination must be observed in strictest examination requirements, as defined by the IMSB.


Work Experience Requirement for CeMC® Certification

To benefit and protect the public accessing the services of CeMC® professionals, and to promote professionalism among those seeking to use the CeMC® designation, the IMSB requires candidates for CeMC® certification to have worked in an Internet marketing-related position for a length of time that varies depending upon the amount and type of formal education the candidate has completed.

The IMSB's work experience requirement is defined as the supervision, direct support, consulting, or teaching of Internet Marketing related work to a client.

The IMSB's work experience requirement provides those interested in CeMC® certification with the opportunity to:

  • enhance their existing knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • improve the quality of their Internet marketing recommendations
  • develop a set of behaviors that will inform their professional practice of Internet Marketing consultancy
  • apply their Internet Marketing knowledge in diverse and/or complex client situations


IMSB Internet Marketing Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility


By adhering to ethical standards, Internet Marketing professionals agree to provide Internet Marketing consultancy in the interests of clients and with the highest ethical and professional standards, and agree to uphold and promote the interests of the Internet Marketing profession for the benefit of society. As part of their professional commitment, Internet Marketing professionals should provide appropriate disclosures and agree to be bound by ethical standards when delivering consultancy to clients.


IMSB has incorporated ethical behavior and judgment, and compliance with ethical standards, into the global standards for CeMC® certification. IMSB expects that clients of Internet Marketing professionals will benefit from a globally accepted set of ethical standards for Internet Marketing professionals.