Code of Ethics

The IMSB Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility

By adhering to ethical standards, Internet Marketing professionals agree to provide Internet Marketing consultancy in the interests of clients and with the highest ethical and professional standards, and agree to uphold and promote the interests of the Internet Marketing profession for the benefit of society. As part of their professional commitment, Internet Marketing professionals should provide appropriate disclosures and agree to be bound by ethical standards when delivering consultancy to clients.

The IMSB has incorporated ethical behavior and judgment, and compliance with ethical standards into the global standards for CeMC® certification. The IMSB expects that clients of Internet Marketing professionals will benefit from a globally accepted set of ethical standards for Internet Marketing professionals.

Your pledge of high standards in serving your company, its customers, and free enterprise:

  1. I hereby acknowledge my accountability to the organization for which I work and to society as a whole to advance the Internet Marketing knowledge and practice and to adhere to the highest professional standards in my work and personal relationships.
  2. My concept of Internet Marketing includes as its basic principle, the sovereignty of all clients in the marketplace and the necessity for mutual benefit to both consultant and client in all transactions.
  3. I shall personally maintain the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct in all my business relationships with clients, suppliers, colleagues, competitors, governmental agencies, and the public.
  4. I pledge to protect, support, and promote the principles of client choice, competition, and innovation enterprise, consistent with relevant legislative public policy standards.
  5. I shall not knowingly participate in actions, agreements, or marketing policies or practices which may be detrimental to clients, competitors, or established community social or economic policies or standards.
  6. I shall strive to ensure that services are offered through such channels and by such methods as will tend to optimize the distributive process by offering maximum customer/client value and service at minimum cost while providing fair and equitable compensation for all parties.
  7. I shall support efforts to increase productivity or reduce costs of production or marketing through standardization or other methods, provided these methods do not stifle innovation or creativity.
  8. I believe prices should reflect true value in use of the service to the customer, including the pricing of services transferred among operating organizations worldwide.
  9. I acknowledge that providing the best economic and social product value consistent with cost also includes: (a) recognizing the client's right to expect proper services (b) providing easily accessible channels for client complaints; (c) investigating any client dissatisfaction objectively and taking prompt and appropriate remedial action; (d) recognizing and supporting proven public policy objectives such as conserving energy and protecting the environment.
  10. I pledge my efforts to assure that all marketing research, advertising, and presentations of products, services, or concepts are done clearly, truthfully, and in good taste so as not to mislead or offend clients. I further pledge to assure that all these activities are conducted in accordance with the highest standards of each profession and generally accepted principles of fair competition.
  11. I pledge to cooperate fully in furthering the efforts of all institutions, media, professional associations, and other organizations to publicize this creed as widely as possible throughout the world.