Competency Framework



CeMC® professional must demonstrate and maintain competency throughout his or her career as an Internet Marketing consultant to be able to use the CeMC® marks. A Certified eMarketing Consultant professional is required to:

  • provide Internet Marketing recommendations accurately and in the best interest of clients;
  • advise clients and present recommendations across a broad range of Internet Marketing disciplines;
  • make sound judgments in ambiguous or complex situations; and
  • function effectively as a professional with clients, potential clients, peers and others.


To demonstrate competence as a professional Internet Marketing consultant, a CeMC® professional must:

  1. Meet IMSB requirements to competently provide a client with Internet Marketing recommendations.
  2. Possess general characteristics innate to all professionals practicing a particular discipline, along with specific characteristics required for the competent practice of Internet Marketing consulting.
  3. Complete appropriate education requirements that meet IMSB's body of knowledge for Internet Marketing.
  4. Complete appropriate examination requirements in IMSB's body of knowledge for Internet Marketing.
  5. Complete appropriate work experience requirements



Functional Competencies

Enabling Competencies

Internet Marketing


Social Media Marketing

Leadership and Group Dynamics

E-mail Marketing

Presentation Skills

Search Engine Optimization

Autonomy and Initiative

Mobile Marketing

Oral and Written Communication

Pay Per Click Advertising

Critical Thought

Web 2.0 Strategies


Link Popularity

Professionalism and Ethical Behavior