Global Board of Advisors

IMSB Global Board of Advisors


The Global Board of Advisors of IMSB is consultative and observing authority comprised of researchers and practitioners from different countries. The advisors comprise the Board voluntarily join individually and without remuneration, although not onerously. They are chosen every six years and may resign their post at their convenience.


The composition of the Board of Advisors is guided by the following criteria: a) to include researchers and practitioners who are experts in their own field in internet marketing practice;  b) to guarantee objectivity and scientific diversification; and c) to unite internet marketers from different disciplines and nations.


As a consultative body, the members of the Board of advisors can, by their own initiative and at any time, make suggestions and proposals, and criticise any aspect of the organization as well as the educational curriculum in order to improve the quality of certification process.


The Board of Advisors main function is to analyse the evolution of the internet marketing practices, evaluate its interest and quality, systematically and collectively and establish standards.


Jennie Armato
Web Business Academy

Deltina Hay
Social Media Power

Prof W. Tim G. Richardson
University of Toronto

Dr. William Perttula
San Francisco State University

Yuping Liu, Ph.D.
E. V. Williams Faculty

RK Prasad
CommLab, Inc.

Dr. Scott M. Smith
Brigham Young University