IMSB Objectives

IMSB aims to create globally relevant, high-level professional standards for Internet Marketing practitioners so that:

  • the public can identify qualified Internet Marketing consultants and professionals;
  • Internet Marketing practitioners can take the next step toward becoming qualified consultants; and
  • consumers and business can have confidence in the Internet Marketing profession and the benefits it can offer to those looking to improve their online marketing strategy.


IMSB works to achieve the following goals:

1. Leadership

IMSB is the premier Internet Marketing standard setting body for qualified and ethical Internet Marketing professionals. CeMC® certification is the standard of excellence for Internet Marketing professionalism worldwide.

  • Create and advocate preeminent positioning of IMSB and CeMC® certification. Promote the standards of IMSB and advocate the recognition of CeMC® certification.
  • Sustain long-term benefits of CeMC® certification. Develop programs and strategies to ensure sustainability of IMSB leadership and CeMC® certification program.
  • Identify opportunities and grow the Internet Marketing profession. Create value for CeMC® certification to encourage demand for professionalism.


2. Standards

IMSB seeks to raise standards of excellence in practice of Internet Marketing and ensure its members to fully comply with it.

  • Establish and support standards of excellence for Internet Marketing profession.  Develop certification and practice standards for CeMC® program.
  • Guarantee compliance with standards. Ensure CeMC® members to comply with IMSB standards.
  • Support cross-border mobility.  Develop policies and procedures to support mobility among CeMC® professionals globally.


3. Recognition

IMSB aims to raise the awareness of importance of Internet Marketing and the value of getting a CeMC® as qualified and competent Internet Marketing professionals.

  • Advance awareness of Internet Marketing and CeMC® certification. Inform business and corporate sector the value of Internet Marketing and the CeMC® designation.
  • Market CeMC® professionals as the consultant of choice. Communicate the distinction and professionalism of CeMC® professionals.
  • Set guidelines for career progression. Providecareer pathways for CeMC® professionals.