Vision and Mission


Vision Statement

To be a globally recognized institution that provides best-of-class Internet Marketing business solutions, leveraging technology, delivered by CeMCs


IMSB’s vision is to establish a standardized process to deliver in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner a superior quality higher education in Internet Marketing across the globe with the CeMC® Certifications.


IMSB’s goal is to ensure that an Internet marketer who earns the CeMC® Credential today will be knowledge-competent and ethical for throughout his/her career and that he/she will then extend these core knowledge competencies and ethical values to tomorrow when he/she becomes an Internet Marketing consultant. To this end, IMSB represents a single and collective voice for the entire Internet Marketing profession, which symbolizes self-regulation by the profession.


Statement of Mission

To provide an educational forum for Internet Marketing professionals to develop and empower their careers through professional certification, research, practice development, mentoring, networking, and the advocacy of the highest ethical and professional practices.


The mission of IMSB is to make the Internet Marketing consulting a profession – similar to medicine, law, accounting and engineering – with the CeMC® Certification, Continuing Education, Code of Professional Ethics, and Professional Standards through Best Practices Research.



To accomplish its mission and vision, the IMSB has formulated its strategy as follows:

  • Develop a framework with a standardized curriculum using a Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) for uniform validation of knowledge for all practitioners in the Internet Marketing community throughout the world.
  • Develop comprehensive certification assessments that demonstrate intense academic preparation and rigorous testing of Internet Marketing knowledge.
  • Develop a uniform criterion for entry into the profession and exit from the profession of Internet Marketing.
  • Require Continuing Education for life for all certification holders to ensure continuous learning and recertification.
  • Develop a Code of Professional Ethics to follow and abide by all certification holders.



To fulfill its strategy, the IMSB plans to implement the following: 

  • Develop the Certified eMarketing Consultant (CeMC®) Credential based on the Common Body of Knowledge for Internet Marketing.
  • Collaborate with independent internet marketing organizations around the world to conduct CeMC® certifications to demonstrate intense academic preparation and competency assessments of internet marketing knowledge.
  • Prepare the assessment criteria and results with great depth and breadth developed by an independent board of examiners.
  • Require that each CeMC® candidate has, at a minimum, a four-year university undergraduate education (or its equivalent) and three years work experience in Internet Marketing to provide an entry point into the profession.
  • Develop continuing professional development programs for certification holders. A CeMC® holder will not be recertified when continuing education requirements are not met.
  • Develop a Code of Professional Ethics for all certification holders to abide.